Getting started in sales can be stressful. Perhaps you aren’t sure where to start, or you don’t know where you want to end up. It’s easy to end up feeling lost and confused if you’re just starting out. Here are a few things to try if you’re interested in sales but aren’t sure where to begin.

Figure Out Your Goals

Before you start sending out your resume to any job you can find, it’s important to think about the goals you want to strive for in your career. Are you interested in opening your own company in one day? Are you just looking to move up the ranks of the sales world and build your portfolio? These questions and more are important to ask yourself before applying for a job in sales, as that may give you an idea of what kind of sales job you should be looking for. These are also questions that could come up in an interview, so it’s good to make sure you know what you really want out of the field. 

Find The Right Company

Just like any job, it’s important to find a company that fits you and who you are. Do you want to work at a company that is small and team-driven or perhaps something larger scale? Is money your top priority? A company may pay great, but you may hate it due to poor management or bad commute times. Just like any job, these things are important to think about otherwise you’ll end up miserable. No matter how badly you may just want a job in the field, it’s also a poor decision to apply for a job strictly because you “just need experience”. The only exception, of course, is if you absolutely need a job due to rent or some other dire reason. There are plenty of things to think about when looking for the perfect place to work, so take the time to do the research before taking any old job.

Apply For (And Acquire) The Job

Once you’ve thought about what I’ve mentioned above you’ll be able to start applying. You’ll want to make sure you create a top-notch resume to send to potential employers. Make sure you have a cover letter as well, as many applicants fail to include one. Once you get called for an interview, it’s important you sell yourself. Even if you have no experience, you have to be able to show them that you are a driven individual who enjoys getting things done and that you can make a difference in the company. After the interview, make sure to follow up until you get a definitive yes or no answer. By continuing to follow up until you get a response, it shows that you’re genuinely interested in the job.

It’s important to remember that while you’re applying for that sales position, there’s likely someone else trying to get it as well. Show you’re good at sales by selling yourself. Be strategic, and stand out. It’s not the easiest field to get into, but with determination, you’ll have the sales job of your dreams.