Business is all about buying and selling. Business-owners should thus endeavor to master the art of marketing and selling. As a result, there exists millions of relevant literature ranging from books to web articles and journals on how to become competent in selling. A few books, however, stand out in terms of delivering precise and proven-to-be-working tips on how to become great in sales. Here are four of the best sales books out there.

How to Master the Art of Selling by Tom Hopkins

This book focuses on the different selling techniques that can be applied by a seller to achieve new heights when it comes to marketing and selling. Among the important tips and strategies covered within the book include how the seller should create a perfect selling climate and atmosphere by setting some questions and answers upon the potential buyer. It also explores one-on-one selling techniques as well as phone-based conversation techniques that are geared towards boosting trust between the seller and the prospecting buyer.

Secrets of Closing the Sale by Zig Ziglar

This book focuses on real-life illustrations and case studies on how to become a proficient seller by mastering the art of effective persuasion. The author focuses on a set of specific pillars that are essential to creating the perfect selling atmosphere, including building integrity, overcoming objections, and fostering respect between the buyer and the seller. The author also provides real illustrations, tips, and examples on how to put to use the good selling habits and practices.

Strategic Selling by Robert Miller and Stephen Heiman

This book provides a comprehensive overview of the diverse strategies that individuals and businesses should put to use and how to consequently execute them for perfect selling. The book contains successful demonstrations of the advocated-for strategies and how they have been previously utilized by individuals and companies with great precision and success.

Influence: Science and Practice by Robert Cialdini

The book reveals the six main psychological principles that touch on the art of selling and how they can be successfully implemented to convert leads to actual sales. The narrative-style book also details experimental techniques and strategies gathered from the author’s personal experience as a salesperson in his previous employment positions.